28 Oct 2020

The ideal home for the millennials

Published in Barcelona

The millennials have reinvented the world of work and are changing the way everyone thinks and acts. We analyse the characteristics that the ideal home for the millennials must have.

This is a much more connected and technological generation, which is also more educated than other generations. But this change does not only affect the world of work, but also changes in buying habits, including the purchase of a home.

Preference for renting rather than buying

The millennial generation does not want to be tied to a particular place or job, so they consider buying less and prefer to rent their homes, so that they have more freedom of movement when it comes to moving.

On the other hand, and although this is a fairly well-prepared generation, they have been quite badly affected by the crisis and therefore have less budget to be able to buy.

Preference for the city

This desire to be connected all day and at all times means that they prefer to live in the city, if possible in the centre, so that they can move around easily without the need for transport. They also take into account the proximity to consumer and service centres, in order to have everything at hand and not have to move around.

Preference for houses with low maintenance costs

The lives of millennials are much less formal than those of other generations, and they need homes that are visually beautiful but easy to clean and maintain, versatile and open spaces that encourage meetings between friends.

These are the main characteristics of millennial homes, which will not change much in the medium to long term, except that if they improve professionally, they will opt for larger homes.

What we must bear in mind is that for this generation, the use of technology is fundamental, and for this reason, in order to obtain millennial buyers, estate agents will have to adjust and adapt to these habits in order to reach this client.

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