09 Nov 2020

There is always room for a reading corner

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Autumn is a time of year when temperatures cool down, we get back into our routines and start going out less, so these days there are many people who decide to start with new books to hang out with at home.

From Lasose Properties & Investments we give you the keys to organize a reading corner at home so you can enjoy the pleasure of reading.

It is not necessary to have a specific room where you can have a kind of personal library, on the contrary, in a small but well organized space you will be able to create your own reading atmosphere.

The most important thing is that it is a well-lit place, in principle with natural light so it is quite advisable that it is next to a window, another option is to put it under a window placing a bench and being able to take advantage of that area with cushions to mount the reading corner. But as the days get shorter and there are fewer hours of light, you will have to look for adequate artificial lighting to be able to continue reading at times when there is no sun. The best thing is to use a light bulb that we can direct towards the place where we are reading and that makes it easier for us to read.

As for the elements that you will need for your reading corner, they are a comfortable armchair to which you can add a footrest, or an armchair or chair in which you can lie down comfortably.

If the space allows it, you can put both a coffee table, to be able to have a coffee or a tea while you are reading, and a bookcase where you can have all the books, and create a kind of library even if it is not a specific room.

Keep in mind that the reading corner has to be in line with the type of decoration you have at home, so choose the furniture very well so that it is in harmony, unless you want to highlight it in a special way and then use completely different furniture and decoration.

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