14 Oct 2020

Welcome autumn into your home

Published in Barcelona

Autumn is the season in which we return to the routine and in which we begin to spend more time at home, since the days are shorter and the temperatures are cooler.

In the same way that we consider changing clothes these days, we must also consider giving our home decoration a spin to adapt it to this time of year. At Lasose Properties & Investments we give you the keys to welcome autumn into your home.

Clean and organize

The first step to put our fall house is to do a general cleaning, taking advantage of the milder temperatures and we can do all the tasks that cleaning requires. Within this general cleaning, it is necessary to include the change of wardrobe, to store all the summer clothes that we are no longer going to wear and start taking out the mid-season clothes. You can take advantage of this moment to donate everything that is in good use but do not need or throw away what is no longer even to be able to reuse it, so you will have more space in your closet for seasonal clothes.

You have to change the textures

You have to go over all the textiles you have at home, both in the bedrooms and in the living room (blankets, cushions, etc.), and replace them with something warmer for these dates.

The colors that are worn this year range from browns to ocher, through tiles and rusty reds, take the opportunity to get accessories in these colors to be up to date.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of your outdoor space

If you have a terrace or garden, the best thing you can do is, as you have done at home, replace all the summer accessories with autumn-winter things to continue enjoying the outdoor space these days. If you have a fireplace, it is time to get it ready, if not, you will have to remove the stoves for the days when it is cooler.

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