11 Nov 2020

What type of floor is best for your new home?

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Choosing a suitable floor for our new home is always a difficult choice, not only because the floor will form part of the aesthetics of our home, but also because we have to take into account functionality, i.e. depending on the room we will have to choose the right type of floor.

From Lasose Properties & Investments we propose you some types of floor so that you can choose according to your tastes and needs.

Wooden floors

They are one of the floors that you like the most, but you have to consider both the temperature and the humidity of the house so that it doesn’t end up standing up.

Parquet floors

They are less delicate than wooden floors but you get the same natural and cosy finish. Nowadays there are many varnishes that allow satin or matt gloss.

Laminate floors

These floors also reproduce the look of wood but are much more resistant, which is why they are ideal for homes with children or pets and areas with a lot of traffic.

Ceramic or stone floors

These are the most resistant floors and also those that offer a much greater variety of designs and finishes. They are also capable of imitating other materials and are the easiest to install.

Floors with other materials

Vinyl floors and microcement are now in fashion: the former are water resistant and very varied, and the latter are very modern and offer a wide range of colours.

To choose a good floor, besides your personal taste, you will have to take into account your family needs, as well as the natural light that the house has, so that the floor helps to reflect it, and the colours that we will use on the walls to achieve a complete and harmonious result.
It is always advisable to choose a quality floor, since it is one of the parts of the house that has more wear and tear, so it is better to pay a little more but have guarantees that it will be a durable floor.

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