The most reliable property rental service in Barcelona city for local and international clients

We advise our clients on market rental value and also advise them on how to best monetise their properties. Through our database of qualified tenants (expatriates, families and students) looking for a property, we can connect you with the right people for your property. We will find the right tenant for your property. And we will also find the right property for our tenants.

Our team works proactively to ensure that the best prices and contractual conditions are achieved for our landlords, but at the same time we take great care to do everything in our power to protect our clients’ investment through our professional rental process.

We are experts in the Barcelona rental market and our services are focused on providing landlords and tenants with a smooth rental process.

Assessment, mediation and guidance in the landlord-tenant relationship

Our aim is to ensure greater profitability and harmony for both parties, providing professional mediation characterized by empathetic communication and a comprehensive approach.

With the premise of caring for and preserving the interests and wishes of the property owner, we guarantee the comfort that emerges from the interdisciplinary work of our polyvalent team and our trajectory. With qualified staff always available, we have an efficient and reliable network to ensure the habitability conditions of the property, solve and supervise incidents, manage important documentation, but above all, we certify to be the nexus that will add value to your property, providing the tenants with outstanding and quick actions to meet their requirements.

Highly recommend this company to all who are searching nice place to rent in Barcelona. Quick responses on any request, punctual, precise and professional. Our agent was always in touch and organised our communication with the property’s landlord in a very convenient and efficient way. For us it has been a very pleasant experience.

Yulia Delektorskaya
Yulia Delektorskaya 16 May 2022
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