01 Mar 2021

Important things for a landlord to know before renting

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If you have decided to get the most from your property by renting it out, you should be aware of the most important things a landlord needs to know before renting.

Finding a good tenant

Although it may sound obvious, finding a good tenant means assessing their financial capacity by means of a solvency check, with the aim of reducing the risk of non-payment.

Adapting the property

In order to stand out from the competition of other rental properties on the market, it is very important to dedicate time and budget to make any necessary alterations to the property before renting. Basically it is about showcasing a property that is clean and tidy, as up to date as possible, and with an impersonal, neutral and functional decor in order to appeal to a greater number of tenants.

Signing a tenancy agreement

Signing a rental contract is a fundamental step in order to safeguard against having problems in the future. The most advisable thing to do is to draw it up together with a professional, lawyer or real estate agent, who will act as an intermediary and help to establish all the agreements reached by both parties.

Taking out rental default insurance.

This is an added consideration to be taken into account, giving an additional guarantee that we will be covered in the event the tenant stops paying the rent.

Renting through a real estate agency

Without a doubt, using the services of a real estate agency makes the rental process much easier and quicker. It also provides personalised advice and a comprehensive service that will ensure the profitability of our property, avoiding risks and problems along the way.

At Lasose Properties & Investments we specialise in the rental market in Barcelona and we take care to manage a safe and problem-free rental experience for both owners and tenants.

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