22 May 2022

Rules for communal swimming pools in Barcelona

Published in Barcelona

There’s a growing trend for new or renovated apartment blocks in Barcelona that offer communal swimming pools on the rooftop – read more about rules for communal swimming pools here.

What’s it like using a communal swimming pool in Barcelona?

There’s a growing trend for new or renovated apartment blocks in Barcelona that offer a communal roof terrace and rooftop pool. The rooftop sunbeds and swimming look sublime in the photography, but what’s it like using a communal pool on a day-to-day basis?

First of all, count yourself lucky to have a swimming pool in Barcelona! The city has just 1,028 swimming pools for 1.6 million people – a rate of 0.06 swimming pools per 100 inhabitants. Compare this with the town of Benissa in Alicante where there are 47 pools for every 100 inhabitants.

Rules for swimming pools in Spain

It’s worth noting that Spain has passed laws that regulate the hygiene of swimming pools.

he central Spanish government passed laws in 2013 with strict guidelines for maintaining the hygiene and technical safety of communal swimming pools (you can read the official state bulletin here). Rules include ensuring the pH is between 7.2-8, that water is clear enough to see floor vents, the maximum concentration of chlorine, presence of ecoli bacteria, that daily checks are carried out and more.

Rules for swimming pools in Catalunya

When it comes to communal swimming pools in Barcelona, regional Catalunya rules dictate the association of residents in an apartment block must specify conditions of use (e.g. opening times, maximum capacity, permitted activities) and display these rules where they are visible.

Catalunya has specific laws that determine the water quality, the size of a pool, right down to non-slip surroundings, all of which are the responsibility of residents to monitor.

In fact, Catalunya was the first autonomous community in Spain to pass specific laws governing communal swimming pools. It was passed in 1987, and you can read it in Catalan here. It dictates that pumps must constantly be in motion in order to recirculate at least 50% of the swimming pools’ water and ensure it reaches all corners of the pool.

Any necessary works to a communal swimming pool will be approved by a majority during a meeting of residents, with the costs shared equally. This also makes it common for residents’ associations to take out insurance.

All of these rules and regulations using a stunning swimming pool with sweeping views over Barcelona as comfortable and soothing as possible for all residents involved.

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