16 Nov 2020

The noretnic style is here to stay

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The Nordic style has been a trend for a few years now, and the same goes for the ethnic style. The fusion of these two styles is the noretnic, where the house breathes serenity and harmony.

In Lasose Properties & Investments we believe that a luminous and calm space is an ideal place to get to be to taste in our home, for that reason, we explained to you which are the keys of the noretnic style.

The noretnic style is based mainly on neutral spaces, which can be of a single colour or several colours, ranging from white to toasted, combined with each other, to which different shades of green can be added to make the rooms more fresh.

The fabrics used in the noretnic style are, of course, made of natural fibres such as linen or cotton, mainly handmade, which provide comfort and warmth to the whole.
In the case of prints, this is where geometrical or tribal elements are introduced, but as long as they maintain the same neutral tones, such as, for example, the toasted and white or the black and white, as well as the grey.

Both in the Nordic style and the ethnic style bet on natural materials, that is why the noretnic also includes woods as the main element, which can be smoother and more robust in line with the Nordic style or decorated to add that ethnic touch. These are woods of tropical origin, which are untreated and therefore give that rustic and colonial look. Likewise, the decorative elements in jute, wicker or rattan, are part of that natural touch that gives the key to this style with its textures. Some of the accessories are also handmade and ethnic, such as aluminium trays, wooden stories, ethnic-style mirrors, tin mirrors, etc.

The noretnic style is a very luminous style that invites to calm and functionality, and that is here to stay.

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