04 Nov 2020

Why is taking out home insurance so important?

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Sometimes we have doubts about whether taking out a home insurance is compulsory and we even wonder if we really need it. In Lasose Properties & Investments we tell you why taking out a home insurance is so important.

Although taking out home insurance is only compulsory if you take out a mortgage, in general, it is quite advisable to have insurance so that you can rest easy in the event of any accident or problem occurring in your home.

To begin with, it is best to find out from the different insurance companies, as, although it may seem like another expense you will have to face, you can certainly find one that suits your needs. In addition, depending on the coverage you need, the price will vary. However, a home insurance policy must cover a series of basic coverages, among which are:

  • Theft coverage: this would cover any theft that occurs both inside and outside the house, in the event that you have a garden.
  • Coverage for material damage: this covers any accident, such as a power surge or flooding.
  • Coverage for civil responsibility: in this case we will be covered if any damage occurs in our home that affects a third person, for example, a broken pipe that floods a neighbour.
  • Coverage against fraud or theft of a credit card: as credit cards are used frequently nowadays, there are many home insurance policies that cover these situations.
  • Legal protection coverage: we are also offered the services of a lawyer to obtain legal advice if needed

The importance of hiring a home insurance, is the tranquility of knowing that we have a company that will take care of everything, at the time we have any incident or problem in our home.

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