05 May 2022

10 Reasons To Buy a House in Sant Pol de Mar (Maresme)

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“Here are 10 reasons why buying a house in Sant Pol de Mar could be a strategic property investment as a primary home, a second residence or to rent out.”

As a Barcelona real estate agency, the majority of our exclusive property listings fall within the Barcelona municipal boundaries.

But we’ve been seeing a strong uptick in houses for sale along the Maresme Coast which stretches north from Barcelona, past Mataró, and beyond to Sant Pol de Mar.

If you’re looking to buy a house near Barcelona and want to make a strategic property investment – as a primary home, a second residence or rental investment – below you’ll find 10 reasons why Sant Pol de Mar could be for you. To continue your search to buy a house in or near Barcelona please visit our exclusive property listings and set the location to ‘Sant Pol de Mar’.

10 reasons to buy a house in Sant Pol de Mar

1. Sant Pol de Mar is on the Maresme coast – north of Barcelona – and can be easily reached by train (less than an hour from city centre), by bus (50 mins from city centre) and by the C-32 highway (40 minutes).

2. TimeOut recently ranked Platja de Morer in Sant Pol de Mar as the 2nd best beach in Catalunya, with golden coloured sands, ancient Roman ruins and all modern facilities you could want (showers, Red Cross point, drinking water fountains and walkways for easy accessibility).

3. Sant Pol de Mar is the smallest seaside town on the Maresme coast (pop. 5,178). That’s a third of the size of neighbouring Calella and Canet de Mar, and helps Sant Pol de Mar retain its roots as a traditional Mediterranean fishing village. It’s also not so busy in peak season and hence a relaxing beach break for Barcelonans.

4. According to the latest Coastal Living Report from Tinsa, Maresme beach towns were the only ones in the region to see rising prices throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (compared to inland destinations or towns further away from Barcelona, such as Lloret de Mar).

5. Looking at house prices on Idealista, the price of a house in Sant Pol de Mar in April 2022 averaged €2304 per m2. This is well up from €2067 in April 2019 and €2076 in April 2020.

6. House prices in Sant Pol de Mar are actually higher than in neighbouring (and arguably more well known) Canet de Mar (€1971) and Calella (€1943) for the previously mentioned reasons.

7. According to the same Tinsa report, rental prices (short term, mid term and long term) across the Maresme coast, beach towns remained stable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in spite of restrictions.

8. The Tinsa report said the dominant buyer in both rental and real estate markets in Sant Pol de Mar are Spanish and from Barcelona city – this is a stable market which is unlikely to go anywhere soon, and only be supplemented further by foreign interest.

9. Sant Pol de Mar was discovered in the early 20th century by wealthy Barcelonans seeking a summer residence with style. The municipal architect Ignasi Mas i Morell has become famous for designing Modernista style buildings like Can Planiol (1910) and Torre de la Plaça (1922) right on the seafront. You can see a series of buildings by Ignasi Mas i Morell here.

10. Perhaps the traditional, fishing village roots of Sant Pol de Mar are best captured by the existence of chiringuitos (beach bars). Many of these remain family-run, and serve typical and traditional rice-based dishes and seafood often freshly caught by local fisherman.

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