02 Jun 2022

9 methods to boost real estate acquisitions for your agency

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Below we explain nine methods to boost real estate acquisitions (aka property acquisitions) for your agency.

If you’re a real estate agent or business owner, real estate acquisitions are essential.

In Spain where we operate, property transactions have skyrocketed 24.6% in 2021 compared to 2020 after the pandemic, according to the INE. To see the same growth in sales in a real estate business, real estate acquisitions are essential.

It’s uncommon for a boxer to share secrets with his opponent.

However, at Lasose Properties & Investments we believe that acquiring clients for your real estate agency does not have to be a fight between agents. Sometimes, the exclusivity of a property acquisition can be beneficial for agents, sellers and buyers.

Below find our nine methods for real estate acquisition to help you attract more clients, flats and properties.

What are real estate acquisitions?

Real estate acquisitions are nothing more than taking on clients who agree for you to sell or rent their properties.

Normally, in a property acquisition, an agreement is signed – with or without exclusivity – with the owners of said properties. Without attracting clients for your real estate agency, it would be impossible to function successfully in this sector.

How to acquire positions for your real estate agency?

There are many ways to acquire properties for your real estate agency.

With the arrival of the Internet, social media and digital marketing, online real estate acquisition has skyrocketed. But online real estate acquisition is not the be-all and end-all.

Word of mouth marketing still exists – and is one of the most consistent methods for new real estate acquisitions. It’s never a bad idea to walk around your area to see what houses are for sale and call the owner. Always keep in mind that a personal visit, a human voice, and a physical presence with a shopfront on a central street are timeless keys to real estate acquisition.

9 real estate acquisition techniques

  1. Office. It seems obvious, but an office in plain view is very important for real estate acquisition. With the launch of online real estate portals, an office can be a great help for local people or older people. Face to face with potential clients also facilitates the client acquisition cycle for your real estate agency. Also having a real estate acquisition card on paper and in your hand or on the table can close the real estate acquisition right there. (You can view an example of an exclusive right-to-sell listing agreement on eForms here.)
  2. Car. If your business has company cars to make visits, it can be another real estate acquisition method. The name of your business and a logo that clearly highlights your services can then appear in the mind of a future client when they think of selling or renting their home.
  3. Telemarketing. Along with cold calling and online marketing, telemarketing is still one of the most used sales techniques in the sector. Why? Because it is cheap and effective. You just need a phone line. It’s effective because if you are good, you can acquire real estate clients in a single call. Do not forget to register your business in Google so that it appears on Google Maps and with a phone number to receive calls.
  4. Website. Keeping an updated and well-organised website is essential. Your website is your online office. It should have all the necessary resources – including digital brochures that provide more information about your services, successes and locations. Online forms to request more information will help you. A button to chat on Messenger or WhatsApp also makes it easier to close the circle of online real estate acquisition.
  5. SEO. Just like having an office in a small street in a city’s outskirts, online real estate acquisition clients won’t find a website without SEO. There are many ways to maintain healthy SEO, which can include Google AdWords, blogging, and finding a professional to write your website content. Here’s a blog from Portland SEO Growth on using SEO to get new real estate clients.
  6. Social networks. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Twitter, YouTube… Everything is useful to acquire new properties for your real estate agency. Paying for advertising on these networks will ensure that your business captures the right audience. Even without paying for advertising, once a company creates a profile and makes sure it stays up to date and interesting, they will be able to gain followers from all over the world, paving the way to attracting more clients for your real estate agency.
  7. Email marketing. Today, everyone has an email account – using email is a way to advertise real estate and reach a large number of people. Also with an email funnel, you can use your email account to follow-up with someone who has shown interest in your services – for example, by filling out an online form.
  8. Real Estate Fairs. Going to real estate fairs and expos is another method for real estate acquisition. BARCELONA MEETING POINT, for example, is the most important real estate exhibition in Spain. Held annually since its foundation in 1997, it has become the must-attend event for real estate in autumn and is aimed at the general public and professional visitors.
  9. Traditional advertising. While online real estate acquisition is essential today, don’t forget about traditional forms of advertising. We’re talking about magazines, newspapers, radio and billboards. The good thing about online real estate acquisition is that everything can be analysed – the visits to your website, the people who have requested more information and the homes they have searched for. But traditional advertising still works for branding and to show yourself as a leader or authority in a certain location.

Conclusion: The Real Estate Capture and how to capture more flats

Both in the case of real estate acquisition in person and in real estate acquisition online, it is vital for a client to trust you.

To capture flats for your real estate with exclusivity, trust is essential.

The good thing is that the nine techniques for real estate acquisition described above can give you that confidence in each step of the process. A chat button on WhatsApp can indicate that your agents are always there for the customer, and that you’re not afraid to talk things over in person. Even the name of your business can give confidence.

After selling or renting a property, ask for testimonials to place on your website or in your advertising. These methods should start to work automatically and influence every step your real estate agency takes.

If you don’t know where to start or how to capture flats for a real estate company, use at least one of the techniques for real estate acquisitions described above. We assure you that property acquisitions – and exclusive right-to-sell agreements – will soon come to you automatically, and without worrying about your next sale or rental.

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